Diesel Dogs - Customer Testimonials

NO SMOKE and MIRRORS HERE! We keep in close contact with most of our clients! It is important to us that we are updated on a regular basis on how our dogs are doing! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS #1 HERE AT DIESEL DOGS!
"After 2 years of looking through website after website of XL breeders I came to a realization.  It is very hard to find a quality breeder.  Dozens of emails sent, asking about health testing.  Most responded with "my vet says they are healthy." Or "we will be health testing soon." Eric was the only ones who said YES and backed up their words with paper work.  The entire pretty purchase experience was great. I was clear I was researching in advance and wouldn't be looking for a pup for some time, I never felt pressured into getting a pup early and I wasn't ignored just because I hadn't given them money yet.  These guys were always willing to just talk dogs.  After several months of online communication, I actually met Eric at a show and he recognized me quickly.  From there I was invited to come meet the dogs and see the yard.  There was no hiding anything like some other breeders are known for.  From that point we knew we wanted a dog from Eric.  Koa is now 21 months old and he is a great dog.  He does very well with my daughter and my two other dogs.  He is very easy to get along with and has a lot in energy.  We have been able to try many different dog sports with him and he has had the confidence and athleticism to do it all.  All the while, Eric has still been around to answer questions and just talk a out dogs.  We couldn't be happier with him or the guys at diesel dogs kennels." -Matt Helton, Ohio

"I was referred to Diesel Dogs by a friend when I decided to find my very first dog. I had a lot of questions about what to expect and the owners were both friendly and informative. They explained all the health testing, genetics and pedigrees regarding their dogs. If I were just grading the experience of purchasing a dog from Diesel Dogs I would give them a 10/10. However, since I took home my first dog from them they have exceeded my expectations of what a good breeder is. They have gone above and beyond to keep contact, answer questions and supply advice and expertise with anything to do with my canine companion. Since my first purchase I have gotten an additional dog from them and wouldn't hesitate to use them or refer someone to them in the future. These guys really care about the dogs they produce and what happens to them once they leave their care!" -Matt Bairley, Michigan


"I'd like to give a big shout out to the Diesel Dogs crew for producing my boy Diesel Dogs Mr Sinister aka Rocco.   He is everything I could ever asked for and more.  The temperament of their dogs are on point, they love everyone.  I've had the pleasure of seeing a few different litters from this crew and everyone of them were beyond some of the best looking pups I've seen.  They definitely know what they're doing in their camp.  You want a show dog, they have those.  You want a working dog, they have those.  You want a family dog, that's what you get when you purchase a Diesel Dog.  All of that in just one dog, they're definitely what you make of them.  I am a proud owner of a Diesel Dog"  - Mike Blaylock, Michigan

"I purchased two dogs from two other breeders that I was flat out lied to about.  I was very leery of breeders.  I told Eric EXACTLY what I wanted,  I asked for tons of videos and pictures to make sure I wasn't making another mistake.  He accommodated my wishes and in the end gave me EXACTLY what I asked for.  I was new to feeding raw and Eric kept answering my questions long after the check was cashed.  Eric is the real deal.  Great people that share the same vision and love for the breed as I do. In the end I got a dog that hunts coyotes and I made 2 friends for life." - Chad Cooper, Kansas

"I just wanted to check in and say thank you again for giving me the opportunity to own such a wonderful dog. Deacon is everything I could have asked for. It's going to be really exciting watching him grow. He has a great temperament which I am sure has a lot to do with his first 8 weeks being in your care. I appreciate all the work you put into your pups exposing them to so many things that a lot of breeders don't take the time for. He comes to my shop everyday and is so sure of himself and confident around our 20 plus employees. It's a loud and noisy place in my shop and there isn't anything that he has encountered yet that has startled him or put him off. He loves the attention from the guys and our customers, and also likes other dogs. He's met all the neighbor dogs and plays well with them. I think having constant exposure to our other dogs and your work during his first 8 weeks has attributed to his overall disposition. 

Deacon is not just smart and confident, he's also an all around solid little dude. At 12 weeks he is about 23lbs lean. He loves water, tug o war, swimming, fetch, and just running like crazy on our property. I am confident he will grow to be a huge healthy dog. Thank you for being diligent with your health testing and overall care of your dogs. It really shows and translates into healthy, well adjusted offspring. With so many XL breeders out there, it's great to see you guys OFA testing and making sure only the healthiest are being bred to the healthiest. With Kira and Zeus as parents, I am really expecting him to be athletic and intelligent.  Deacon starts his puppy kindergarten today (8/13/14), step one towards getting him a canine good citizen certificate. We'll have him evaluated after advanced obedience and see if he will be well suited for protection work too. Keep up the good work, you are great to work with. I appreciate how easy you have been to talk to and all the information you have been willing to share and educate me with. You and your kennel partners are doing a fantastic job representing and producing some of the best dogs available. -Oliver, Washington

“I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for breeding the most personable and all around great dogs. Two years ago I started searching and found Diesel Dogs and fell in love with the most amazing pitbull I have ever seen and could not go without her. Sedona is now 2 years old and I may be biased, but she is perfect in every way. I cannot even begin to explain how sweet and smart she is. We wanted a playmate for Sedona,  so we got another one and named her Phoenix! They have been very easy to train and don't bark much (rare for the breed I'm told). They are inseparable! Since they have become part of the family, they've been busy girls. Everyone who meets Sedona and Phoenix fall in love with their tender personalities just as I have. One thing I know for certain.... everyone should get a puppy from Diesel Dogs!”   -Shawn and Courtney Jones, MICHIGAN