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Retirement Done Right
Rogue and Primo are two Legends brought together to finish her breedings with a BANG!  Camelot meets Razors Edge, Swoggers, Dangerzone/Dela Cruz, it brings that thin lean muscle.  These puppies with be nothing short of amazing, and riduculously athletic.  They come loaded full of potetional in all aspects from sports work, personal protection, hunting, show conformation or cuddling on the couch.  The expectations are as thick as these pups will be.  This breeding is for experienced handlers only!  
Breeding will be confirmed on 10/30/2019




When planning, researching, and laying out a breeding you have to take many factors into consideration.  Such factors are temperament, health, titles, athleticism, pedigree/blood, traits, training, social ability, mannerisms and physical comparison.  In selecting your breeding pair you need to first heavily and properly evaluate your dogs.  
Do not be blind to flaws because they are your dogs and you think they are perfect.  There is always room for improvement and addressing issues is a must.  When evaluating the breeding pair first identify all flaws and find their origin.  Determine who they came from, why they are there, how can you improve them, and what steps are necessary to do so.  When you determine what each is lacking, then see if the other dog has the traits to improve on these flaws.  You will have to research the pedigree and siblings to see how these traits improve or worsen over time.  Finding the best complementing pair that will accomplish the most with its significant other is not always an easy task.  It is WORK and doesn't always turn out as we would like.

The factors you should NEVER consider when breeding is HOW MUCH money will I make and HOW FAST can I sell puppies.  Always breed for yourself and a purpose first to accomplish the best desired results and genetics.